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ACTO's one pager outlining key policy changes: download PDF
ACTO's questionnaire to federal parties: download PDF
Green Party response: download PDF
Liberal Party response: download PDF
NDP response: download PDF
ACTO's press release

2015 Report Card

The Advocacy Centre for Tenants Ontario (ACTO) sent the four major federal parties a questionnaire about what they will do about housing if elected. The Green Party, Liberal Party, and NDP responded to our questionnaire. The Conservative Party did not respond. Information was also gathered from each party’s affordable housing platform and budget announcement. ACTO compared each party’s platform with what we believe are the key policy changes needed to address Canada’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis. These policy changes are also being advocated for by groups and affordable housing experts across Canada, as part of the Vote Housing For All Network:

  1. Recognize housing as a human right
  2. Adopt a national housing strategy
  3. Invest a minimum of $2 billion per year

What the parties say they will do about housing:

At-a-glance report card: download PDF / download JPG

Full report card with housing platforms: download PDF