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Freedom of Information & Privacy at ORHT

ACTO submitted a request that Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal (ORHT) hearing docket with party names be given to Tenant Duty Counsel and posted publically on the day of the hearing. The issue is being adjudicated.

ACTO sought a ruling on whether the ORHT's list of all landlords owing ORHT fines, fees and costs is publicly accessible information. ACTO's appeal was successful. The Information and Privacy Commission (IPC) found that landlord information is not personal for the purpose of the Freedom of Information and Personal Privacy Act, and ordered that landlord debt information could be released.

ACTO requested access to the ORHT hearing docket to assist Tenant Duty Counsel. It is our position that the ORHT hearing docket, like court dockets, should be posted publicly and provided to duty counsel. ACTO's appeal was only partly successful. The Assistant Commissioner found that TDCP is entitled to docket information minus tenant names and unit numbers.

ACTO sought access to ORHT orders assist clinics and Tenant Duty Counsel in advising clients. It is our position that the orders of the ORHT, like those of the courts, should be public and available. This matter is unresolved at this time.